Friday, March 2, 2012


Vitamin D. Do you know what your level is? When I was my sickest my level was 45 (should be 50-150)
This time last year it was 106. I've been meaning to have it checked again.
I've been encouraged by a Skin Specialist to get a good balance of sunlight (without getting burnt)


I spent a wonderful morning soaking up the sunshine at the beach. The conditions were ideal - hot day, cool water.
I laid on my back floating, closed my eyes and just let the waves rock me. (I went out really deep)

It was so relaxing. Why did I wait so long to experience the ocean again?
(until recently, I hadn't been in the ocean/been in togs since I was a child)

It occurred to me that I've let weight control my life. I've missed out on so much :(
I'm not a believer of "having regrets"........ but I do feel sad today that I was so limited by my body.
I lacked confidence. I lacked self-worth.
I feel like I kind of floated along through my teens and my twenties. I think there is so much I would change
if I could go back.


One last thing I've realized -
Unless you've been overweight and have struggled to control your weight, you have NO idea how hard it is :(
Don't assume that someone is lazy, or ignorant or just doesn't care's SO much more than that.

Most recent photo (Feb 2012)

My weight has gone up a bit.....then down a bit.....up a bit.....then down a bit. LOL
Is that just life?
Is it just a balancing act?

Does anyone actually stay the same weight without trying?


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Thank you. I needed this blog today xx

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